Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Space Presents: ETC Magazine

The Space (109 E. 2nd St., Cedar Falls) will be hosting an ETC Magazine Exhibit, opening on Saturday, March 24th from 6-8pm. The exhibit will run through the 4th of April.

TO BE INCLUDED IN THE EXHIBIT the following art, photography, and literary works must be delivered to Black Hawk room 230 BEFORE 3pm on Thursday, March 22nd:

"Vintage at its Finest" by Cory Aldinger
"Does My Butt Look Big?" by Angela Finzen
"Time Slips Away" by Angela Finzen
"Zoo Birds" by Angela Finzen
"Magdalene" by Melanie Fox
"Social Media" by Melanie Fox
"Snowmares" by Jessica Gerholdt
"Soldiers Past" by Jessica Gerholdt
"Down the Long Hall" by Melina Gotera
"Grease and Rubber Bullets" by Melina Gotera
"What is Left After Forgetting" by Melina Gotera
"Get Dunked Cerebus" by Ian Griffith
"Not as Long as You'd Expect" by Ian Griffith
"Hypertension" by Michael Hollingsworth
"The Redeemer" by Michael Hollingsworth
"Rock on Japan" by Michael Hollingsworth
"In the Moment" by Jackie Jellings
"Burrito, Says Maggie" by Jenica Kramer
"Contemplating Contentment" by Jenica Kramer
"Eternal Woods" by Jenica Kramer
"Must be 4th Dimensional" by Jenica Kramer
"The Outspoken" by Erica Magedanz
"Shell Rock Mill & Bridge" by Erica Magedanz
"The Unspoken" by Erica Magedanz
"Have You Seen Her" by Meghan Mayer
"My True Story" by Meghan Mayer
"One Leaf at a Time" by Drew Metcalf
"Butterfly Garden" by Abby Michael
"Connected" by Abby Michael
"Color in the Dark" by Caitlin Mickel
"In Between the Weeds" by Caitlin Mickel
"The Truth Behind Giza" by Ryan Petersen
"Artistic Selections Eclectic" by Christopher Priebe
"Lutropublicaphobia" by Christopher Priebe
"Samwise the Brave" by Timothy Quam
"The Wizard by Timothy Quam
"Sharing Female Wisdom Under the Clothesline" by Rebecca Rademaker
"Skewed" by Rebecca Rademaker
"Beauty Translated" by Justin Scott
"The Hassle Within" by Justin Scott
"IFYP IMS" by Justin Scott
"The Sound of Color, the Color of Jazz" by Justin Scott
"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" by Justin Scott
"The Blues" by Kathleen Tabor
"Generation Connected" by Kathleen Tabor

Please click on this link to view the terms and conditions of the Space.

Questions? Please call Jenica Kramer at 3196104312, or email us at studlitart@hawkeyecollege.edu.