Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Space Presents: ETC Magazine

The Space (109 E. 2nd St., Cedar Falls) will be hosting an ETC Magazine Exhibit, opening on Saturday, March 24th from 6-8pm. The exhibit will run through the 4th of April.

TO BE INCLUDED IN THE EXHIBIT the following art, photography, and literary works must be delivered to Black Hawk room 230 BEFORE 3pm on Thursday, March 22nd:

"Vintage at its Finest" by Cory Aldinger
"Does My Butt Look Big?" by Angela Finzen
"Time Slips Away" by Angela Finzen
"Zoo Birds" by Angela Finzen
"Magdalene" by Melanie Fox
"Social Media" by Melanie Fox
"Snowmares" by Jessica Gerholdt
"Soldiers Past" by Jessica Gerholdt
"Down the Long Hall" by Melina Gotera
"Grease and Rubber Bullets" by Melina Gotera
"What is Left After Forgetting" by Melina Gotera
"Get Dunked Cerebus" by Ian Griffith
"Not as Long as You'd Expect" by Ian Griffith
"Hypertension" by Michael Hollingsworth
"The Redeemer" by Michael Hollingsworth
"Rock on Japan" by Michael Hollingsworth
"In the Moment" by Jackie Jellings
"Burrito, Says Maggie" by Jenica Kramer
"Contemplating Contentment" by Jenica Kramer
"Eternal Woods" by Jenica Kramer
"Must be 4th Dimensional" by Jenica Kramer
"The Outspoken" by Erica Magedanz
"Shell Rock Mill & Bridge" by Erica Magedanz
"The Unspoken" by Erica Magedanz
"Have You Seen Her" by Meghan Mayer
"My True Story" by Meghan Mayer
"One Leaf at a Time" by Drew Metcalf
"Butterfly Garden" by Abby Michael
"Connected" by Abby Michael
"Color in the Dark" by Caitlin Mickel
"In Between the Weeds" by Caitlin Mickel
"The Truth Behind Giza" by Ryan Petersen
"Artistic Selections Eclectic" by Christopher Priebe
"Lutropublicaphobia" by Christopher Priebe
"Samwise the Brave" by Timothy Quam
"The Wizard by Timothy Quam
"Sharing Female Wisdom Under the Clothesline" by Rebecca Rademaker
"Skewed" by Rebecca Rademaker
"Beauty Translated" by Justin Scott
"The Hassle Within" by Justin Scott
"IFYP IMS" by Justin Scott
"The Sound of Color, the Color of Jazz" by Justin Scott
"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" by Justin Scott
"The Blues" by Kathleen Tabor
"Generation Connected" by Kathleen Tabor

Please click on this link to view the terms and conditions of the Space.

Questions? Please call Jenica Kramer at 3196104312, or email us at studlitart@hawkeyecollege.edu.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I have some good news for you.

ETC Magazine is open for submissions again!

Send us your original art, literature, and photography for an opportunity to be published in the 2012 Edition of ETC Magazine. Of course, the same submission requirements (listed in the previous post) still apply.

This is your last chance to enter your work! The final deadline for submissions will be this Friday, February 10th.

On February 16th, the members of Art & Literature, Etc. will be voting on submissions for the 2012 Edition of ETC Magazine. By March 1st the editors will have made their final decisions on what will be included in the magazine. Applicants can expect to receive an email soon afterwards.

We are scheduled to send the magazine off to the printer on the 9th of March, and will be revealing it at the Hearst Center for the Arts' Student WorkSHOP on March 18th.
Art & Literature, Etc. will also be showcasing the 2012 Edition of ETC Magazine at the Hawkeye Student Art Show on the 12th of April.

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted their work, and to those who plan to submit this week. I become more and more excited each day we get closer to our final product.

Jenica Kramer
Editor in Chief

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Submissions Week

The purpose of ETC Magazine is to showcase the talent of writers, artists, and photographers at Hawkeye Community College. While art and literature can be broadly defined, not all submissions will make it to the final cut. The members of Art & Literature, Etc. reserve the right to refuse publication of pieces that may be found offensive by our audience.

Under the supervision of our faculty advisers, the members of Art & Literature, Etc. will take on the task of selecting pieces for the magazine. In doing so, we will attempt to determine the artistic merit of each piece by focusing on content, form, and meaning.

Submissions Week for ETC Magazine begins on Monday, December 5th and will end on Friday, December 9th. In order for your submission to be considered, it must be accompanied by the official submission form which can be downloaded here.

The following is a list of requirements for submitting works to ETC Magazine:

  • You must submit your work through your Hawkeye email account
  • You must own the content you submit
  • You must have a title for each piece you submit
  • You may not submit more than 5 pieces
  • Literary submissions must be sent as attached Microsoft Word Documents
  • Correct spelling and grammar will taken into account for Literary works
  • Art and Photography submissions must be attached as "jpg" files
  • Photography and Graphic submissions must be 300dpi and CMYK

Please submit your completed submissions form, along with your work to: StudLitArt@hawkeyecollege.edu

Monday, May 9, 2011

The 2011 ETC Magazine

In 2007, a group of Hawkeye Community College students came together to create the very first edition of ETC Magazine. In 2011, from a new group of students, the second edition of ETC Magazine has now been published! The magazines are currently being sold at the Hawkeye Bookstore, but second editions are in limited supply.

Here is a slideshow of the second edition in efforts to showcase Hawkeye Community College students work and encourage others to become a part or support our group for future publications.

Comments are welcomed and you can also email us at studlitart@hawkeyecollege.edu