Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I have some good news for you.

ETC Magazine is open for submissions again!

Send us your original art, literature, and photography for an opportunity to be published in the 2012 Edition of ETC Magazine. Of course, the same submission requirements (listed in the previous post) still apply.

This is your last chance to enter your work! The final deadline for submissions will be this Friday, February 10th.

On February 16th, the members of Art & Literature, Etc. will be voting on submissions for the 2012 Edition of ETC Magazine. By March 1st the editors will have made their final decisions on what will be included in the magazine. Applicants can expect to receive an email soon afterwards.

We are scheduled to send the magazine off to the printer on the 9th of March, and will be revealing it at the Hearst Center for the Arts' Student WorkSHOP on March 18th.
Art & Literature, Etc. will also be showcasing the 2012 Edition of ETC Magazine at the Hawkeye Student Art Show on the 12th of April.

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted their work, and to those who plan to submit this week. I become more and more excited each day we get closer to our final product.

Jenica Kramer
Editor in Chief